How to Instantly Find Dozens of Content Ideas

How to Instantly Find Dozens of Content Ideas

How to Instantly Find Dozens of Content Ideas. You’ve used tools to find all these keywords that you should go after but how do you know what content you should create around these keywords because if you create the wrong type of content no one’s gonna want to read the posts link to it share it which means it won’t rank on Google.

I am gonna teach you how to instantly find dozens of content ideas they our audience will love before we get started To finding great content ideas is to look at the concepts the topics the ideas that people are looking for and sharing for on social media see. because if people already sharing this stuff you know they’re looking for more of it if they’re not that means that they’re not really interested in it you can do the same with links if people are linking to specific types of articles it means they find it valuable that means you should be producing more of that content and less of the stuff that no one links to so I have a really easy solution for you and I did all of this to make my life easier and. because of that it also makes your life easier so I want you to head over to Coopers suggests and type in a keyword type in a keyword that you’re interested in going after I’m not talking about just like dog or marketing pick some that has at least like two words in there you don’t have to get too specific keep this on my generic I want you to look at the content ideas report so once you’re an uber suggest you’ll see a keyword overview in the left-hand navigation click on content ideas that will show you all the articles that are on that subject that are popular based off the social shares.

Now what I want you to do is look for the articles that are popular based on soldier shares but also estimated visits look for the ones that have at least a hundred estimated visits then I also want you to look for the ones that have at least five back links so something has thousands of social shares at least a hundred estimated visits and five back links its hows you that people like it not just from a social sharing perspective that people can manipulate but it’s also ranking someone on Google’s people like it people are also linking to it cuz they found it’s valuable so when you combine all three of those things you now have content that you know people love creating content around that will do extremely well that’s how you find dozens and dozens of ideas literally in seconds or minutes now the hard part isn’t finding  ideas it’s coming up with keywords so you can continue to find more ideas and I’ve also made that super simple for you and you can do this in a few ways you can type in a keyword such as marketing or SEO tips click on the keyword ideas reports and I’ll show you questions prepositions and comparisons these will give you more blog topics that you could.

potentially write about it’ll also tell you keywords that are more intent based when someone’s doing the comparison let’s say have two different email marketing tools like convert kit versus Mail Chimp that tells you someone’s really interested in buying and they just haven’t figured out what solution so going after some of these terms will help you maximize your revenue your leads your sales now the last feature I want to show you is go over to the top pages report type in a competitor’s URL take a few seconds to load this will show you the most popular pages your competitors are getting traffic from most these pages are usually going to be content based pages look at the estimated visits the social shares and back links.

The pages that have more than 100 visits more than 5 back links and ideally thousands of social shares are the ones you want to replicate if they don’t have thousands of social shares that’s okay at least go for the ones that have higher visit counts ideally maybe even in the Thousands and more back links even better those are the ones that you could be going after to maximize your traffic because if you write on similar pieces of content you’ll also get more traffic versus riding on something that’s a dud and you can see the duds as well you type in your competitor URL look at the top pages. if you keep scrolling down and going to next next next page you’ll start seeing pages that aren’t popular you want to avoid those pages cuz they’re not doing well you want to focus on the ones that are getting a lot of love because those are the ones that are probably do well with your audience.